Hair Services

The following is a list of our most popular services for adults (and children). Listed below are baseline prices. These prices may vary depending on the application process for various hair types and for youth clients. If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to give us a call and we will let you know which of our talented stylists can fulfill your request.

Womens Style Cut

$35.00 and up

Press and Curl

$45.00 and up

Flat Ironing

$45.00 and up


Next Level strongly recommends coming in for a an initial consultation before scheduling your appointment.

$185.00 and up

Hair Color

We specialize in Ombre and various other types of coloring techniques and applications.

$130.99 and up

Retouch Hair Color

$55.00 and up

Perms or Relaxes


Relaxer Retouch

$65.00 and up

Virgin Hair Relaxer

$95.00 and up

Cornrows WITH hair added

Next Level strongly recommends consultations before beginning braids services.

$60.00 and up

Cornrows w/o hair added

Next Level strongly suggests a consultation before beginning braid services.



Next Level strongly recommends coming in for a consultation before beginning braid services. Our stylists do all types of braids on men and women. Ranging from French braid syles to individual braids with extentions. We do it all. Prices will vey depending on the style chosen and the thickness of the braids

$ 189.00 and up


There are many different types of twists as well as size and length. Call us or come in for a free consultation to acquire accurate pricing.

$145.00 and up

Dread locks

Next Level Strongly recommends consultations before beginning this service. Prices may very depending on the length, size, and if additional hair is needed.

$50.00 and up

Dreadlock retouch


New Locks


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Barber Shop

Contact Next Level to speak to one of our qualified Barber's about your next hair cut.

Hair Cuts

Call Next Level for a consultation with one of out talented barbers. Let them know what service you are most interested in getting. They will determine the price and set up an apt with a barber who can achieve your look. Hair cuts start at a base rate.

$20.00 and up

Corn Rows

Next Level Braiders can do many styles of french braids and corn rows. Call us so we can give you accurate pricing for the service you want.










Razor Shave


Men's Weaves

$250.00 and up

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Spa Services

Next Level offers a wide range of Spa services. Review our list below for pricing. If you don't see the service you are looking for give us a call. We'll let you know which one of our experienced cosmotaligist can accommodation your request.

Eye Brow Threading

$ 17.99

Waxing - Upper Lip

$ 20.99

Eye Lash Extensions

Eye Lash Extensions - Adding length to your eye lashes through the application of individual lash extensions.

$ 40.99

Row Eye lash Application

Adding a strip of Eye lashes to your eye lids.

$ 10.99

Facial Trimming and Shaving

Price depends on the type of sharing services you are requesting.

$ 20.00 and Up

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